At Rode Welding, our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards and is constantly working to improve our processes. Whether holding twice-a-week Toolbox Talks or finding ways to enhance client satisfaction, we take quality seriously. Holding ourselves to the strictest standards, Rode consistently delivers quality, on-time results, from a project’s initial invoice to final delivery.


OSHA Lost Day Accidents

As reported in the OSHA 300 log, since 2014 our team has worked at the highest level of safety, with not one OSHA lost day accident. We meet twice a week with the shop team to discuss best safety practices, and our Safety Committee gathers monthly to discuss possible system improvements.



Measured and updated weekly, our quality assurance program is the foundation of our company, quality provides customers with reliability and expected profit margins doing business with Rode. Rode’s ASME quality assurance systems track material and process quality for all aspects of the fabrication process while providing documentation each step of the way. We also meet AWS D1.1, NAVSEA (MIL STD-248), and ABS requirements. Our skilled staff inspectors are ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certified Level II for visual inspection, liquid penetrant (LP), ultrasonic (UT), radiography (RT), and magnetic particle (MP) (wet or dry).


On Time Delivery

We deliver on time always, no excuses; reliable delivery is crucial to your profits (if late we’ll pay penalty via pre-agreement).


Repeat Customers

Year after year, 95% of our customers continue to partner with us, and we work hard to make their experience better every single time.

100% Unique

Hot Rolling in Midwest

Rode Welding offers hot plate rolling from 0.50” thick through 12” thick. We’re the only metal fabrication shop in Chicago to do so.


Years in Business

Rode Welding is proud to be an industry-leading shop in medium and heavy steel plate rolling, cylinder rolling, welding, flame cutting, and specialty fabrication. With over 66 years of hands-on experience and industry expertise, we can efficiently meet your unique needs.

Central Location

Steel Mills within 100 Miles

Chicago gives us access to top-quality steel mills, allowing us to serve customers East Coast to West Coast.

Working with Rode

The numbers don’t lie; Rode has the skills and quality assurance needed to meet your project requirements. When you work with us, you work with proficient quality assurance methods, six primary specialty services, and experienced craftsmen. Our team is unified in our mission to satisfy customers. From simple to complex projects, our staff has the skills and quality assurance needed to exceed project requirements.

To learn about what it means to work with us, contact us today.