At Rode Welding, we believe our service is the result of Continuous Improvement. Safety, Quality, On Time Delivery, and Communication are our pillars of success as we continue toward excellence.

In keeping with this commitment, Rode Welding has a Continuous Improvement (CI) Process that we’ve integrated into our company values.

Continuous Improvement at Rode

The Rode Welding Continuous Improvement Process was created to help all employees complete projects with accountability, improve safety and customer service, streamline efficiency and eliminate waste (whether dealing with time, material, supplies, or other resources), and improve overall effectiveness.

Methodologies such as LEAN and Six Sigma help many businesses stay on track and keep up quality; Rode Welding, too, adheres to these principles, simply without the labels.

You can access Rode Welding’s Continuous Improvement Process protocol here.

Owner’s Commitment Statement and Company Guiding Principles

Deeply committed to our customers, our industry, and our community, Rode believes in safe practices, efficient work processes, clear communication, and truly collaborative relationships.

To learn more, read our full Commitment Statement and Guiding Principles documents here.

Start Your Project with Rode Welding

Experience Rode Welding’s Continuous Improvement Process, commitment, and guiding principles by starting your project with us. We have experience working in industries including oil and gas, textile, pulp, mining, construction, power generation, machine shops, general industrial equipment, and shipyards.

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