Rode Welding has a proven reputation for fabricating oversized and advanced structures to meet our customers’ specifications. We specialize in plate rolling, custom fabrication, and welding for medium and heavy steel, with equipment capable of fabricating large steel components for OEMs and other service industries.

We also offer a number of additional services to help customers easily finish their rolled steel projects all in one place. By keeping all of our steel fabrication services under one roof, we coordinate between jobs and ensure we are operating under the most efficient processes.

In addition to welding, plate rolling, and fabrication, we offer:

  • Thermal Stress Relieving — Our thermal stress relief capabilities help to alleviate and correct the deformities that can result from welding. At 14’ H x 14’ W x 42’ L, Rode’s thermal stress relieving furnace is the largest in Chicago, enabling us to treat parts up to 120,000 lbs after welding.
  • Flame Cutting & Burnouts — Also known as oxyfuel cutting, this high-pressure, high-temperature precision cutting method is used to shape and separate steel plates. A torch, either handheld or machine operated, preheats the metal’s surface and then cuts through it with a flow of pure oxygen. We have three burning lines that can cut thicknesses of 0.25”–24” and A36 plate x 120” W x 480” L.
  • Shot Blast Booth — We offer a steel shot blasting treatment to remove impurities from metals’ surfaces and prepare them for other processes such as welding and powder coating. During this treatment, tiny steel balls accelerate through a high-speed turbine onto the surface of the work-piece to remove dust and contaminate, leaving a smooth, clean finish. Our shot blast booth is 15’ H x 12’ W x 22’ L for industrial sized components.
  • Paint Booth — We have a 15’ H x 12’ W x 22’ L paint booth, which allows us to paint large steel objects for big item industries such as automotive, defense, construction, and shipping. Our paint booth allows us to control the air flow and climate to optimize efficiency for our skilled spray paint technicians.
  • Rode also offers secondary machining and grinding capabilities to finish any piece.

By carrying out all of our fabrication services within our own facilities, we maintain total control over quality, costs, and lead times. This allows us to create the best possible product for our customers, while ensuring that they always receive their parts on time and at a fair price.

With over 65 years of hands-on experience and industry expertise, Rode can assist you with any aspect of your plate rolling project from start to finish. For more information about how we can help you on your next custom fabrication project, contact Rode Welding today.