Budget Steel, a division of Rode Welding Service LLC, provides high-quality steel at the most affordable prices. Working closely with the Rode Welding team, Budget Steel sources steel remnants.

What are Steel Remnants?

Metal fabrication shops, like Rode, begin custom fabrication work with standard size steel plate. As the project progresses, a certain amount of “drop,” or remnant material, is produced.

Rode’s drops are the same high-quality material used for all our projects, just in precut pieces. These smaller metal plates are available at discounted prices with mill material test reports for traceability.

Types of Available Metal Remnants

Depending on the drops we currently have in stock, we offer pre-cut metal in steel plate: A36 and 516 G70.

Drops are available from our immediate stock as-is, based on current dimensions and supply. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Custom Remnant Cutting and Trimming

Budget Steel provides more than pre-cut pieces; the Rode Welding team also offers custom trimming and cutting to help you achieve the appropriate dimensions for your project. Our modern CNC flame-cutting equipment can cut plate sizes up to 100” x 720” and 120” x 360”, with thicknesses of up to 24”.

We also offer bevel cutting and plasma-cutting services upon request for both stainless steel and aluminum.

Terms and Conditions

Drop purchases are available via credit card, prepaid, or approved credit terms.

Contact Rode Welding

Our 30,000-square-foot warehouse has large inventory of A-36 carbon steel plate in a full range of thicknesses, available for immediate use. To meet our customers’ unique needs, we specialize in rolling some of the thickest, most difficult materials on the market.

We’ve led the industry for over 65 years in medium and heavy steel plate rolling, cylinder rolling, welding, flame cutting and fabrication. Using our quality certifications, attention to on-time delivery and improvement process, we are committed to solving your problems in the most effective manner possible.

To purchase steel remnants or inquire about custom work, reach out to us today.