Owner’s Commitment Statement

As Owner of Rode Welding Service LLC, I promise, to the best of my ability, to do the following for all Team Members and for the benefit of the Company:

  1. Vision & Leadership: Provide a clear vision of the future of the Company, and achieve the “Guiding Principles ” of the Company.
  2. Fiscal Responsibility: Operate the Company using fiscally responsible business principles so that the Company has a reasonable probability of surviving any downturn in the economy or any other negative event.
  3. Safety #1: Ensure the Company places Safety as the #1 priority in the manufacturing facility; that Safety has priority over production; that all Team Members are continuously aware of, and are trained in, Safety policies and procedures.
  4. Wages and Benefits: Ensure the accurate administration and timely payment of wages and employee benefits.
  5. Incentive Compensation Systems: When sufficient profits exist, provide the opportunity for all Team Members to share in the financial success of the Company by making Contributions to the Profit Sharing Retirement Plan and through the “WIN BONUS” (Work INcentive) program.
  6. Education & Training: Ensure that all Team Members will have the opportunity to receive training and education to perform his or her job Efficiently and Effectively.
  7. Performance Appraisal: Ensure all Team Members receive performance appraisals each year using a formalized process.
  8. Tools and Equipment: Ensure (1) all Team Members in the Shop and Office are provided tools and equipment to perform his or her job Efficiently & Effectively, and (2) that equipment is repaired timely (with a sense of urgency) balanced among safety, mechanical, electrical, process, and financial engineering requirements.
  9. Communications: Ensure there is communication on matters affecting all Team Members and provide regular updates on the status of the Company.

Guiding Principles of Rode Welding Service LLC

As a Team Member of our Company you can make a difference. Please take a minute to read the following “Guiding Principles ”. If you learn and understand these, you will know how to make a difference.

Company Purpose

Meet or Exceed Customer Expectations

Company Goals

  1. Achieve 100% Club:
    1. Achieve 100% safety continuously.
    2. Produce every product with 100% quality.
    3. Ship every customer order 100% on time.
    4. Achieve 100% housekeeping daily.
  2. Have a continuous culture of discovering and solving problems.
  3. Continuously be effective and efficient in all that we do, personally and as a Team
  4. Provide Team Members the opportunity for improvement financially, educationally, and professionally.
  5. Develop strategic and loyal relationships with suppliers.
  6. To our local community, contribute financially and contribute our time.
  7. Make a difference in our industry.
  8. Provide owners with a reasonable rate of return on their investment in the Company.